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Ultimate Carving Board

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Our stunning ultimate carving board is elegant, stylish and would fit in any style of kitchen; giving a modern essence of charm. Personalised carving boards make perfect gifts for any occassion whether it be a wedding, anniversary or just for your own kitchen!

Our ultimate carving board has a large slightly dished surface for the juices to run down into the small bowl whilst carving your favourite meats.

As with all our products, our carving boards are produced and hand finished in the heart of West Sussex, using only the highest quality hardwoods, to ensure that they have a timeless quality.

Our carving boards are made from 4cm thick Timber and are available in the following sizes;

30cm x 40cm
35cm x 50cm

Available in a wide range of timbers, please enquire or visit our Timber Information Page.

Engraving is available on both sides of the carving board but please note that there are limited characters to each size board and with the request of more characters will generate smaller writing being engraved on the final product. Also not only will we engrave the product for you, we will even let you choose your own font. 

Our carving boards come with handles as standard.

Our carving boards are finished with Woodsake Chopping Board Oil. Although our boards are ready for you to use straight away we do recommend that you look after them by re-oiling them every so often. The saying goes; "Oil it once a day for a week, once a week for a month, once a month for a year, and then once a year for the rest of your life..." So to get you started our chopping boards are supplied with a 50ml bottle of our chopping board oil.

If you wish to design you're own, please contact us on 01903 282934