Timber Information



Ash is a light brown to nearly white timber. It is generally straight grained with a course uniform texture, similar to that of Oak.



Oak is a light to medium brown coloured timber, commonly with an olive cast. Depending on the cut, prominent rays may be visible. Oak has a straight grain with a course, uneven texture.



American Black Walnut is a light brown to dark chocolate brown coloured timber. It is occasionally cast with grey, purple or red streaks. Walnut is generally straight grained, but can sometimes be more irregular.



American Cherry varies in colour from a light pinkish brown to a darker reddish brown, which will darken on exposure to light. Cherry is generally straight grained with a smooth texture.



American Rock Maple is a creamy white timber, sometimes with a reddish brown tinge. Maple is generally straight grained, but may be wavy. With a fine and even texture.




Teak tends to be golden to medium brown, with its colour darkening with age. It generally has a straight grain, although the grain is occasionally wavy and interlocked.



European Beech is normally white, pale cream or pale brown. The Pinkish colour associated with Beech is brought out whilst it is steamed to relieve drying stresses. The grain is straight with a fine to medium uniformed texture.



Iroko is usually a yellow to golden brown colour, with colour tending to darken over time. Iroko has an interlocked grain with a course texture. It is very similar to Teak and is sometimes used as a substitue.



Utile is a uniform medium reddish brown coloured timber, with an interlocking grain like other African species. This gives the timber an alternating light and dark banded appearance. Utile is a genuine Mahogany.



Wenge is a very dark brown to almost black coloured timber, with alternating light and dark tissue. The grain is generally straight, with a very course texture.


Zebrano is light brown or cream coloured with dark streaks, resembling that of a Zebra. Depending on the cut, Zebrano will either have a wavy interlocked grain or a somewhat straight, uniformed grain.

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